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RE: American's GeoPolitical knowledge WAS: OT: Can Americans Compete ?

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> From: "Mark" <imagineer66(--nospam--at)>

> > -Gary Hodgson & Associates wrote:

> > None of the 9/11 hi-jackers entered the states from
> > Canada.  This was a falsehood that first arose
> > immediately after the tragedy when certain politicians

> Ok, I'm always ready to learn new things.  From where did they enter and =
> what is the source of this information?
> Also, is it truly a lie or simply a misconception that hasn't been =
> cleared up?  I know in my case I thought I was speaking/guessing the =
> truth.  I seem to have some memory of a picture of at least one of the =
> hijackers crossing the Canadian border into NY/NH/VT/ME with the story =
> following that he then drove to Portland, Me and boarded a commuter =
> flight.

It is believed that 19 jihadists were active participants in the attacks
on the morning of 9/11. There are videos, that were shown in the news,
taken from US airport cameras the morning of the 9/11 attacks. The US
based jihadists took connecting flights from other parts of the US. The
balance of them connected from overseas flights.

There was a 20th fellow, who was not involved in the attacks. I don't
recall his travel route and it may be that he travelled through/from
Canada. The claim is that he missed the flight. You don't hear much
about him anymore.

These fellows traveled extensively, conducting surveillance and
planning. It is probable that at some time some of them may have
travelled to/through Canada as part of these efforts. There will be

All of them passed through US customs and immigration, at some point,
before boarding US domestic flights.

The sources of any and all of this information could be questionable.

There was a fellow, whom the media calls the Millenium Bomber. I forget
the details of his country of origin or length of stay in Canada. In
December 1999 he put together a bomb in a motel in BC and crossed the
border into the US. His intent was to disrupt the Millenium celebrations
in Seattle. He was caught. His sentencing has been put off several

There has been political pressure for Canada to participate in a
"fortress North America" security zone. Canada hasn't been biting - at
least not the whole pie. Former Ambassador to Canada, Paul Celluci, was
very vocal about the White House view of Canada's armed forces and
perimeter security. 

So, any terrorist threat now provides ammunition for some US politicians
who have any cross-border axe to grind on behalf of their constituents.
If they represent beef farmers or soft-wood lumber producers, etc., a
closed border, for any reason, is good for the campaign contributions.
Some of this is a concerted effort to collapse FTA/NAFTA and has little
to do with terrorists.

Speak misinformation loud and long and then apologize quietly - or not
at all. The misinformation will become the reality - an uban myth of
sorts. It no longer matters if it was originally a lie,
misinterpretation, misconception or other. The new truth will be
propagated with seemingly valid historic references. This is the way it

R. Paul Ransom, P. Eng.
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
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