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Re: Electronic Signature and Stamp in CA and USA

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>         I read this as meaning that a digitized version of a physical
> signature was not acceptable.

Well, it's not, but a "verified" signature is allowed. Verisign will give
you a "Class I" signature for fifteen bucks a year.

I can digitally sign my OWN documents using the OpenSSL package on Linux
(also available for Windows and other platforms--e.g., but using the Verisign
certificate is an easy way to observe the "verifiability" requirement.

>  BTW - Its good to see that you're alive. With all the political words
> being bantered about, and no response from you, I wondered if something
> had gone awry ;-)

Nah, let 'em bleat. It's harder for me to get muh dander up when I realize
the Left in this country is at a very low point right now, with little in
the way of real power except a bully-pulpit courtesy their
fellow-travelers in the MSM. (There: How's that for some political

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