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Re: Stainless steel gurus

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On Jul 27, 2005, at 11:32 AM, Dave Adams wrote:

I have a client who is asking about the availability of "high-strength" stainless steel tubing and if there is a common ASTM standard that is used.
There are lots of ASTM standards for pipe and tube. The common structural tubing is supplied to A-269. The most commonly used grade is 304. You can also get pipe supplied to A-312 and seamless tube to A-213. You can get structural stainless that's been strain hardened to higher yield strengths.

Be real careful what you're going to do with it. You just can't swap it for carbon steel willy-nilly. it doesn't heat treat, and the strain hardening disappears forever when the material is welded. The min specified yield strength is about 30 ksi, and the stress-strain curve isn't linear, which affects buckling. It also discolors when you weld it, and weld distortion is more of a problem since the thermal expansion is greater than for carbon steel. And it does in fact stain and/or corrode under certain conditions.
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