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AISC 341 7.2 slip critical? pre-engineered metal bldg end plates, shear plates as drag struts

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AISC 341 7.2 Bolted Joints has a couple of sentences for bolted connections that are part of the seismic resisting systems which read: “All bolts shall be pretensioned high-strength bolts.  All faying surfaces shall be prepared to as required for a Class A or better Slip Critical Joints….”


Does this mean all connections resisting seismic forces need to meet slip critical requirements?  I thought they could be fully pretensioned but someone at work is making a contractor sand blast all the contact surfaces between beams and shear plates where the connections are double dipping as drag strut connections.


Also I cannot think of a pre-engineered metal building end plate moment connection I have seen that did not have a shop primer on it.  I am pretty sure those resist seismic forces and also that the shop primers do not meet Class A requirements.  Is paint being omitted under pre-engineered metal building end plate moment connection faying surfaces in other states?



Scott M Haan