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Engineering violations revisited

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I just got my Florida Board newsletter for Summer 2005. The list of Disciplinary Enforcement is a dilly. --No fewer than 47 violations were reported 5 of which were for unlicensed practice. --Three fines exceeding $10 grand were imposed, the largest of which was for $78 grand. --The big fine plus license revocation was for 27 counts of misconduct and fraud using a suspended license. The guy admitted forging another engineer's seal and was also hit with administrative charges of $2300 and change. --Two of the guys gigged for unlicensed practice were hit with $5000 fines + administrative costs. --There were also two pretty serious ethical lapses involving bribery and fraud. --One guy was fined $4000+costs for several counts of unlawful practice and one count each of using the wrong sized seal and failing to date a required submittal.

Oddly enough there were only 3 revocations and maybe 5 suspensions. Most were settled by a combination of fines, and probation. The Sunshine State can come down pretty hard on engineers who don't follow the rules. The same newsletter noted about 3600 engineers who failed to renew this biennium. Wonder why.

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