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Prequalified Weak Axis Design

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The following is a reply from Henry Gallart of SidePlate Systems:

Hi Refugio:

This discussion must have been a long time ago, which I do not immediately

To the best of my knowledge, there currently does not exist a prequalified
SMF moment connection that is tested and approved in a weak-axis
application.  However, due to a need that occurred on a large hospital
project some years ago that required every connection to be a moment
connection, SidePlate Systems did conduct a successful full-scale testing
program on a dual-strong axis (e.g. using a cruciform column) with moment
connections on 3 sides.

As such, today SidePlate Systems' ICC-ES 5366 report does include not only
uniaxial one and two-sided moment connections, but also three and four-sided
moment connections for any practicable beam-to-column combinations with no
additional testing required.  This connection system satisfies all
applicable OMF, IMF and SMF requirements under the IBC and the UBC, and
ANSI/AISC 341-02, including Section 9, Section 10 and Appendix P for both
new and retrofit construction applications.

I hope that the above information helps answer your question.  With respect
to your specific situation on this SMF hospital project, I would be happy to
take a quick look at your frame layout and share with you my experience of
100s of project evaluations and designs that I have personally been involved
in.  Please give me a call or send me an email.

Have a GREAT day!

Henry A. Gallart, S.E.
Senior Vice President
SidePlate Systems, Inc.
23422 Mill Creek Drive, Ste 215
Laguna Hills, CA 92653

tel: 800-475-2077 (USA)

tel: 949-305-7889 (Outside USA)
fax: 949-305-6395

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