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Re: OT: SMTP Port 25 Blocked for Outgoing Emails

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> ANy of you network guys know any work arounds?

This is EXTEMELY simple: Just use your ISP's SMTP server for outgoing
mail! That's what I do.

To tell the truth I'm not sure if Port 25 is blocked or not, because I
long ago disabled it on my Linux server. I didn't want to run the risk of
having it turned into a spam relay.

Nowadays, I could probably secure it, but why bother?

I just set any and all email clients--no matter where I am--to use my
ISP's server (Earthlink.Net) for outgoing mail. Incoming mail, comes to my
box just fine.

And FWIW, I used to use POP3, but have switched to IMAP because I have one
desktop at home, one at my temporary living space in Arkansas, and a
laptop that could be anywhere. It is convenient to have all my mail in one

If you need more details on how to set up your email client, email me
privately and I'll try to help.

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