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Re: Engineering violations revisited

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On Jul 28, 2005, at 11:51 AM, Ray Pixley wrote:

I'm not surprised that they are telling only the part of the story that makes them look like they are doing their job. But if they don't actually collect the fines or are constantly being overturned on appeal, how effective are they?
I can't give you chapter and verse on either, except that I feel pretty sure anything that was overturned would be accompanied by a retraction in the newsletter. And I'm sure that outstanding fines are collected.

My judgment is that the process is pretty effective, given the number of licensees (about 5%) who failed to renew this biennium. When a license is revoked or suspended the guy is off the street as a practicing engineer. A threat to someone's livelihood is a lot more serious than a couple of swats in phys ed class. There are a certain number of repeat offenders who get fined a second time, and their license is generally revoked. Outstanding judgments are pretty strong deterrents because they tend to show up during credit checks or other state administrative actions like tax auditing or corporate or other licensing. Most worthwhile clients do basic background checks to make sure they don't get caught up in their sub-contractor's legal problems.

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