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Re: CONCRETE: Repair of Segmental Post-Tensioned Concrete Tank

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> Bill,
> Having some experience with tank design, my biggest concern would be the
> reinforcement that is likely damaged (possibly, beyond repair) by the
> long-time leaks. The subsequent loss of the hoop compression/post-tension
> may be one of the causes of the leaks.

Thanks, I really didn't make myself very clear. That's my major concern as

I know that we can "stop the leaks," but I doubt we can stop the effects
of the damage that has already been done. This is a case of "out of sight,
out of mind." The water tank sits on a back lot. As long as it fulfills
its major purpose, and water comes out when we turn on the tap, we just
don't worry about it. We figure "it's a big, expensive tank, what's to

So, no inspection and no maintenance, and this is what you get.

FWIW, I consider myself imminently qualified to assess this tank. But
anyone here who thinks they possess all the wisdom of the world (at least
in our profession), I would ask you: What the heck are you doing here

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