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Re: CONCRETE: Repair of Segmental Post-Tensioned Concrete Tank

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I had the opportunity to walk the failed Westminster tank.  It was a
lined (looked like some sort of heavy plastic not at all a rubberized
material) but they still had a little trouble with leaks.

Anyway, my recollection (a little fuzzy perhaps) is that it failed
because of corrosion (helped by the leaks)  of the mild steel
reinforcement NOT the loss of PT.

Again recalling the site visit, IMO the pos-tensioning steel was
placed in such a location that portions of  the "footing / 
foundation" that were never intended to take tension load did in fact
wind up in tension.  Once corrosion took it's toll, the tank failed

A few (one or two?) of the precast panels blew out at the base and
were washed some short distance away.  They may have survived intact. 
The remaining ~30 segments remained standing along with the roof.

The consensus engineering position was that the tank was repairable
(as was the still functioning twin)  but that such a solution would
never fly politically.

I'm pretty sure the tank was demo'd (along with it's cross town twin) 
and replaced.

How big is  your tank?  How tall?  Cost of failure?  Cost to replace?
Desired continued service life?  Budget to retrofit?

IMO a liner is the way to handle the leaks, short of replacement

How about adding some external P/T hoops?  
or maybe a couple FRP bands? 
or some really big SS hose clamps?  :)


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