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Re: Brick Veneer Spray-on water repellant

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Are you sure that a water repellant will solve your problem?

Let me put it another way.  Is it wind driven rain/water that is "seeping"
through the masonry in maybe will poor detailing of the air space, in
which case a water repellant might solve it?  Or is it that the wall
deflects enough (maybe due to metal stud backup...OK, is my preduice
against metal stud behind brick veneer showing? <grin>) that cracks in the
mortar joints are forming, which allow water in at the joints (in which
case a water repellant may not work so well)?

I would had to see someone spend money on water repellant (apparently
again) and not have it solve the problem.


Adrian, MI

On Mon, 1 Aug 2005, Rich Lewis wrote:

> I am looking at a 25 year old building that has a brick veneer and metal
> stud backup.  The veneer has started to have water penetration this year
> into the building in one area.  It only occurs when the wind is blowing the
> rain in the direction of the wall.  When it blows the opposite direction the
> wall does not appear to leak.  The owner has already applied some water
> repellant to the surface.  I don't know the brand yet.  I need to find it
> out.  It still leaks some even after this initial application.  They have
> now called me in to help with the solution to the problem.  I would like
> some suggestion for products for a spray on water repellent for brick
> veneer.  What have others found to work best?  I'm not necessarily looking
> for a brand name product (although I will take one) as I am the material.
> Should it be a silicone, a silane, or something else?  Should it be an
> absorption type material that is soaked in end then repells water, like a
> silane, or one that coats the surface more?
> Appreciate any insight.
> Rich

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