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Re: welding inspection

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Your drawings should stipulate (if they do not already) that ALL welding procedures, WPSs, be submitted to the engineer for approval prior to actual welding begining.  Once you have the WPS for review it is pretty simple to compare it to the AWS prequalified connections as shown in your AISC manual.  To then insure that the shop welding is performed in accordance with your "approved" WPS you would need to also stipulate that all CJP welds be inspected by a qualified welding inspector.

Thomas Hunt, S.E.
ABS Consulting

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08/01/2005 01:14 PM

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welding inspection

Could anyone out there give me there opinion?

My calculations and drawings called for complete penetration welds using a
prequalified weld specification from the AISC book on some 1 by 6 steel
bars. The welds were supposedly performed in a certified shop with certified

What is the general protocol for the engineer to insure that the welds meet
the criteria of the prequalified weld specification?

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