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Re: welding inspection

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On Aug 1, 2005, at 3:14 PM, jascopac wrote:

What is the general protocol for the engineer to insure that the welds meet
the criteria of the prequalified weld specification?
Damn good question. Start with making sure that the weld procedure test results show that the procedure tests meet qualifications. Then make sure the guy who worked on your job qualified to those procedures. The test results (pull and bend tests) are not likely to have been generated in house. If you can watch how the welds are made and get copies of the weld procedures. You can verify them later against comsumable producers recommendations. Check the welds for workmanship--undercut, arc strikes and spatter should be cleaned up and fillets should be well made and full size. I've always felt it was a good idea to have a few welds spot checked with mag particle or penetrant testing, but I've been over-ruled on this from time to time. You never see the real benefit of testing, which is to make welders a bit more careful about cutting corners, if they think a weld might need to be dug out and repaired following an inspection. It's a big pain in the ass and no one likes doing it.
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