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RE: Definition of Structural Engineering for High School Students

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Dave F. wrote:
> We need a person with that right combination of looks (yes, that?s
> important), personality and ability to bring our profession out of the
> background...
> Any volunteers?

OK, I'll do it.  I've been told I have a personality unlike many in the
engineering profession.  I'm actually quite boisterous (sp?) and outspoken
when the time comes.  I'm not afraid to tell an architect to go take a
flying #$*& and several contractors have been on the receiving end of this
comment as well.  *grin*  According to my wife, I'm actually pretty good
looking and have since started a new diet and training program (swimming and
weight lifting) to shed a couple of those unwanted pounds.  I actually
competed in a USA Swim Meet this past weekend and while I did get beat by a
couple of kids that were 10 to 15 years younger, I still managed to finish
in the middle of the pack.  Not bad for a return after a 10 year retirement.
I've also played hockey, baseball, and water polo, as well as coached them
(which I have had great success in).  For the time being, as long as I keep
my shirt on, I'm in pretty good shape.  Otherwise, there's this gnarly inner
tube around my mid section that could draw some attention, but I'm working
on that.  I still consider myself young, going on 29 years old.  I have my
PE and have been doing this for about 8 years now.  I'm not saying that I
know everything, but I can certainly present with the best of them.  And if
you think about it, being a face and promoting our profession is just like
coaching.  If you do it with enough enthusiasm and energy, it can be
contagious.  And, if need be, I can rip off my best Hulk Hogan impression
for some great reactions.  Just point me in the right direction and we'll
get this thing taking off like mad-crazy-stupid.

"So, what you gonna do, brother, with Crazy D runs wild over you!!!!"

Dave Maynard, PE - "I have never worn a pocket protector and my calculator
costs less than $30.  I've been using the same mechanical pencil since my
freshman year in college.  And my office walls are covered with just about
everything BUT engineering technical stuff.  COME ON!!!!"
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