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RE: Definition of Structural Engineering for High School Students

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> This may seem ridiculous, but I think one way to improve things is thru
> the
> Media...

Yup. It's time for "CSI [FILL IN NAME OF CITY]" (CSI = "Civil-Structural

Or how about "S.E. Dynamite?"


"Concrete, Steel and I"?

"My So-Called Career?"

Well, we'll have to work on the titles.

Anyway, you have a great point about the "celebrity chefs." Unfortunately,
I don't know that we can come up with a set of bid documents within a
thirty-minute T.V. show (not with commercial time figured in, anyway).

The closest we've come so far is Discovery Channel's various offerings.
There's one on later this week titled "Engineering The Impossible":

"Push the limits with extraordinary projects, including construction of a
Europe-to-Africa Bridge and a tunnel across the Straits of Gibraltar.
High-end graphics and technology offer a glimpse into advances that will
realize these engineering dreams."

This is a great start, but we need a "celebrity engineer" just as you
mention. Maybe an Aussie--Aussies always go over big in the U.S.
television market (e.g. Paul Hogan, Steve the Croc Hunter, and
what's-his-name of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" infamy).

Any Aussie engineers out there ready for their close-up?

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