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TV Show featuring a (structural) Engineer!

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Attention SEAINT
I noticed a message  thread  mentioning a TV show  featuring (structural)  engineer..
Well,    your wish many have come true,  but you probably  won't like the scenario ...   theme

STRUCTURAL ENGINEER on TV     (a good thing?)


This fall there will be a new television program   (Prison Break)  that will present a structural engineer in a feature role.    Seems the brother of an SE is wrongfully incarcerated on death–row.  The SE gets arrested  (bank robbery) and sent to the prison (which he apparently designed!!) in order to  stage a prison break with his brother!!


The Structural Engineer having first –hand knowledge of the prison design (he also smuggles in the plans tattoo on his body!!!) uses this information to plan the Prison Break. 


For more  info  check the following:,0,344400.special?coll=ktxl-default-nav&fif


Bob Johnson

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