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Re: the technology dream deferred

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> Nearly 20 years later, much of the nation is  mired in a prolonged jobless
> recovery.

Oh, B.S.!

We are at nearly the lowest rate of unemployment in a generation--a level
at which economists long ago labeled "zero effective unemployment" because
all that's left are the "hard-core" unemployed, those who aren't
employable under any circumstances.

Jobs are being created daily--and this balderdash about "jobs going
overseas" is just as spurious. The fact is that "high-tech" jobs are
replacing so-called "skilled manufacturing" jobs, and the problem isn't
"lack of jobs" but "lack of skilled employees" (hence the problem with the
influx of workers, legal and illegal, from outside the U.S.

Contrast our "dilemma" with that of Europe, where double-digit
unemployment is the NORM, precisely because of government micro-management
of the economy and the utter failure of the social democracy experiment.

One of the biggest impediments to even more progress on the economic front
is that we ourselves are burdened with government overregulation and
general fetters on the business environment from high taxes, estate taxes,
death taxes, double taxation, etc.

Sorry, but pontification on a false premise is defined as "bloviating."

That's what this article is.

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