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RE: Definition of Structural Engineering for High School Students

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> It's plausible.  The public doesn't care if garbage
> piles up on the street or in some park, but deprive them
> of water or traffic lights or TV or their power and
> it hits home. Can you see a city without engineers in
> their various departments to tell everyone else what to
> do?  Yeah, I could see it happening.

Well, you're entitled to your fantasies.

But most of what engineers do goes sight-unseen. In fact, we've been
putting up with steadily eroding public infrastructure for almost fifty
years now.

But garbage piling up? That's immediately seen--and smelled.

People react to that which hits closes to home, and I think even
television commands a lower priority to clouds of black flies and the
stench of rotting refuse.

FWIW, I'd like to see some documentary evidence that New Zealand or
Australia or any other place had a one-day engineers' strike. With

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