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Re: General Dowel Equation Reduction Terms

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> I have noticed that the reduction terms, for lag screws, are different
> when
> looking between the NDS 2001 Edition and Technical Report 12 by the AF&PA.
> It seems that using the NDS values produces a lag screw value that is
> conservative when comparing to the NDS 2001.  Does anybody know the
> background in this difference and which values should be used?

I am not familiar with the Tech Report you mention--this sounds like a
question for the AWC guys, have you tried directing it to them via email
at their website?

But as a point of order: The NDS is adopted by reference in most building
codes. I'd check with the appropriate Code for your jurisdiction to make
sure they don't address this issue directly. If not, the NDS values are
"official" values to use.

Of course, you may always exercise your engineering judgement to use
alternate values--especially if they are "more conservative." But as your
question is "which values should be used," there is no reason to suspect
that the NDS values are not appropriate.

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