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RE: the technology dream deferred

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> Bill,
> Please keep in mind that are current unemployment rate is based on the
> people who are currently collecting benefits.  Benefits are limited.  Once
> one is no longer receiving benefits, they are no longer being counted.

No, wrong again. This is another canard that continues despite plenty of
information available to dispel it--if people would take the time to look.

The jobless rate is determined by a statistical polling of 60,000
households in each month [SOURCE: "June Hiring Up, Unemployment Rate Drops
to 5 percent, lowest since September 2001" -- Associated Press, July 8,
2005]. It is not exact, of course, but the schema is reasonable and what's
more, it is CONSISTENT.

The average jobless rate throughout the "boom" of the 1990s was 5.8
percent. So far during the 2000s, the average rate is a little below 5.5

These figures are established using the SAME schema for collecting data.
As I say: They are not "exact" but they are consistent.

This fol-de-rol about "people giving up and stopping searching for work"
is concocted by the same people who tell you about the "anemic" recovery
during the last few years (3.4 percent in the first quarter of 2005), but
sing the praises of the "booming economy of the mid- to late-90s"--when
economic growth averaged 3.5 percent.

DO NOT BELIEVE THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA. Do your own fact-checking. It's a
cinch they don't.

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