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RE: the technology dream deferred

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> Facts do not necesrily come from the Associated Press!

That's actually my point, in a nutshell.

The MSM (and any worthwhile journalist) uses "sources" from which they
draw the information they present. In fact, the usefulness of journalism
has historically been to pull together information from sources, or
(fairly rarely) direct witnessing of events, to present to the rest of us
who don't have time to gather that information ourselves.

As such, the MSM has always served potentially as a "filter" for what we
hear and what we do not. Part of this filtering process is "spin." An
example of "spin" is the portrayal by the NYT and other such bastions of
the MSM of the present economic condition as "perilous," when just a few
years ago they called the same sorts of economic data evidence of a

Nowadays, however, we can rely on our own sources via alternate
media--primarily the Internet. Of course, we have to be careful how we
approach what we learn, considering context, agenda, the relative value of
"self-reported" or anecdotal evidence, etc.

But where we used to depend on "journalistic integrity" for that function,
we are no longer subject to their filtering.

It is difficult to establish "truth" based on our limited knowledge of
facts. "Spin" is everywhere, and I think most of us as adults have figured
out how to compensate for that.

But facts that are relied upon in one context OUGHT to be equally reliable
in another so long as all else is equal. Your comment that you don't
believe that "apples are compared to apples" when you look at unemployment
figures "then" vs. "now" is not logical because the same schema were used
each time.

If the picture is somewhat out of focus now--because of reasonable
error--it was out of focus then as well.

What we typically do--and I do this as well, in many instances--is filter
for our own prejudices.

I have a brother who has a checkered employment history. He has certain
personal problems that have always made it difficult for him to "stick" to
a job even though he's quite personable and talented, and possessed of a
college degree.

To him, "the economy is always lousy." He says he wishes we were "back in
the 1950s when employers and employees were loyal to one another." That's
his projection of his own experiences on the rest of the universe, of

We all do this to some extent, but it is liable to be challenged when it
clashes with established fact.

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