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RE: Stepping Basement Type Retaining Wall

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Have you considered using soldier beams (piles) and spanning the wall horizontally?
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Subject: Stepping Basement Type Retaining Wall

I have about a 15'-0" retaining wall that will also be serving as a basement wall along part of one side of the building. I have had this situation before and just used the second floor diaphragm to brace the wall at the top. But this wall is a lot higher, and the top of this wall varies. I need to use this wall as a shearwall also.
The floor framing will be composite steel beams. Has anbody had any success with designing the wall as a cantilever, letting it deflect, then attaching the framing after? I am afraid I am not going to properly predict the amount of deflection and end up with a problem. The geotech said the same.  
Again, the top of wall will not be constant. It will be at the second floor height for about 20 ft, then gradually drop down to about 5'-0" tall along that side. So I know I will have to use a cantilever type of design at the areas where it is below second floor level. (I will have columns that will be supported on this wall from above where it is lower than second floor level).
I know I need to use a slotted connection at the steel to wall interface, to allow for adjustment for the deflection. But I am not sure how much of a slot to provide. The geotech guessed at about 4" of deflection at the top of the wall when it is at 15'-0" high. Any other suggestions to deal with this wall?

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