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Residential Collector Design

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I am reviewing plans for a 2-story conventional
wood-framed house which has been kicked back by the
inspector because it does not meet the prescriptive
lateral design requirements.  (This is northeast PA,
believe it or not!)

Section R602.10.3 of the 2000 IRC, design option 3
requires braced wall panels to begin within 12ft of
the end of the wall.  As an option, a collector can be
designed in its place.

Since we have several windows near the end wall, we
cannot get in the necessary braced panel within the
12ft requirement.  Can the collector design be as
simple as defining nailing requirements for the
sheathing to the double top plate above the windows? 
I have a few common sense notes to go with it such as
no 3" duct penetrations through the top plate in this
area, and that the double 2x6's must be overlapped a
certain dimension.

Lateral wind force is less than 150 lbs/ft acting on
the collector.

Jim Wilson, PE
Stroudsburg, PA

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