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Website Registration (WAS: Residential Collector Design)

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> BTW, our website people are probably not happy with me since I
> apparently gave away a direct link to the publication.  They are trying
> to encourage users of our website to register so they can track (in
> general terms) who is downloading articles (engineers, architects,
> building officials, et cetera).

While I understand the OP's gladness at not having to register, we all
ought to keep in mind that registering for websites like this is our part
of a "quid pro quo." To use an example, all of us are bugged by
commercials on TV or radio, yet we realize that they pay the bills that
allow the producers to air the program without our having to fork over the
big bucks.

By the same token, the webmasters' job at websites like AF&PA's includes
gathering usage statistics, and they also like to have the opportunity to
build and maintain an accurate mailing list.

Usually you get the opportunity to "opt-out" of offers to send you snail-
or email, so it's not that intrusive, but it helps grease the bearings so
that the machinery of outfits like AF&PA can continue chugging, bringing
us all this wonderful research material.

There are many times where I will decline to proceed if I see that a
website requires me to register, but that doesn't typically include those
that contain resources I need to do my job. I like to do my bit, and it
only costs me my time.


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