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2003 IBC & Inspection

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This post concerns the submittal requirements for special inspection, a quality assurance program and structural observation found in Chapter 17 of the 2003 IBC.

For those engineers producing work for projects permitted in jurisdictions enforcing the 2003 IBC: - Special inspection requires more documentation by the ?registered design professional? than it did in the 1997 UBC. Have any building officials required engineers to include in the drawings the special inspection information listed in Section 1704 before issuing a permit? - For those engineers already providing detailed special inspection information in the drawings what form does it take? Inclusion of the relevant it lines from the Tables in Section 1704 for steel, concrete and masonry seems like a good start. What about the other structural and non-structural materials listed in Section 1704? - Has anyone submitted a quality assurance program as required by for wind or seismic loading? - For those projects requiring structural observation do engineers include those requirement in the general notes or with special inspection requirements?

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