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Re: Question regarding E.I.T registartion

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In theory, you should be able to sit for the EIT exam anywhere you your case CA or TX.  In theory, you should be able to fill out
the application material and pay the fee in CA and then sit for/take the
EIT exam there.

You are, however, dealing with "red tape".  As result, it is possible
(although I doubt it) that since you have registered once and taken the
exam in TX that some other states may not allow you to take it there.  My
guess is that is likely _NOT_ the case.  I would guess that you will need
to fill out the application/registration paperwork and pay the fee in CA,
and then they will let you take the exam.  I would guess that the only
benefit to doing it in TX is that you might not need to fillout paperwork
again but just pay a fee.

Regardless, the people that can give you the real answers is the Board
people in CA.  Contact BORPELs and ask them.  No matter what they say,
they are "right" otherwords, even if in reality what they say is
wrong, they are "right" in that they are the ones that administer the
thing so what they say/believe ultimately goes (hope that makes sense).

If for some reason they don't allow it, then you can always sign up for
it again in TX and take it there...just means that you will have to travel
back to TX at your expense to take it...not exactly fair, but hey, life
ain't fair.


Adrian, MI

On Mon, 8 Aug 2005, Bhairavi  Nedungadi wrote:


I have a question regarding registration for E.I.T exam. I graduated from University of Texas at Arlington, TX and I took my EIT exam in April,2005 in TX and unfortunately couldnt pass it. Now, I have moved to CA since I got a job here and want to take EIT again. I was just wondering if I can take the exam from CA or do I have to go back to TX again to write the exam as I already registered with TX last time when I wrote it. I called up the licensing boards and three of 'em had three different opinions.

Any help on this would be highly appreciated.

> Bhairavi

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