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Re: Question regarding E.I.T registration

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There should be no "extra" fee involved as EVERY state (that I am aware of
at least) already proctors the SAME EIT exam (i.e. the NCEES EIT exam).
That was why I said that in theory, it should not be a problem...just a
matter of filling out the paperwork and paying the normal fee.  The only
reason there would be any problem (which I find very doubtful) would be if
there was some "red tape" issue with someone already applying (or taken it
in the past) in some other state.  There is certainly nothing that states
that one must take the EIT in their "home" state as there are always MANY
students who take the exam where their school resides but not their home
address _AND_ there are those that take the exam where their home address
is but not their school (assuming that they went to school in some other
state than where their home/permanent address is located).

In the end, I would be suprised if CA did not permit him to take the exam
there.  I can see no reason why BORPELs would deny it.

FWIW, I believe that you are thinking about the PE level exams where there
are some exams that some states don't use, require, and thus typically
proctor.  For example, Michigan does not use/permit the NCEES Struct I
exam (I believe) and thus does not typically proctor it.  Some states DO
use it, so I believe that it is possible to arrange to have a Michigan
site proctor the exam for use by other states (or at least one does not
know until one asks).


Adrian, MI

On Tue, 9 Aug 2005, Jim Getaz wrote:

>             Scott wrote:
>                         It "just means that you will have to travel back to
> TX at your expense to take" the EIT again.
>                         Years ago, I heard of people taking exams for one
> state in another state. If CA will not let you take the exam for them there,
> they _may_ be willing to proctor the Texas exam there. It may entail an
> extra fee, which may be less than traveling to Texas. You can ask. The worst
> they can do is say "No."
>             Jim Getaz
>             Winchester, Va.

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