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Re: Slightly O.T.- Termite Threat

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> Can you get termites even if there are no trees around your house? I would
> ask the pest control guy that gave me the estimate but I know he would say
> yes either way.

Yes, you can.

In fact, termites don't really seem to have a taste for "live" wood (how
many times have you heard of a tree being eaten by termites?)

Rather, they like dead wood, preferably slightly damp.

The way I understand it, the "scout" termites range out from the colony,
tunneling toward "dampness" which they seem to be able to sense from a
long way away.

If they find "good stuff" they mark the tunnel with some sort of pheromone
marker, and that opens the way for workers etc. to come, chewing away like

We have a HIGH risk for termites in the Houston area, even (and
especially) out in the "prairies" west of Houston where a lot of homes are
being built.

We had some friends who built a home and only 22 months later, it was
found to be INFESTED with termites such that thousands of dollars worth of
repairs were required.

In sum, trees don't seem to be much of a factor.

Seems to be a pretty good Termite info site at:

(U. of Nebraska-Lincoln)

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