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Re: Slightly O.T.- Termite Threat

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Forty seven years ago, I was a chief of party on a survey crew in Africa and the people would catch the termites (big) and fry and eat them like pop-corn.  We also had a fellow who had a tennis racket which he liked to bat the termites with.  Very similar to the little tennis racket type that's being sold now for getting local bugs.

Neil Moore
Shingle Springs, Ca

At 04:46 AM 8/10/2005, you wrote:
                        Vendors of mulch other than wood bark always warn not to put wood mulch next to a house foundation because it may contain termites or termite eggs. I know a fellow who does then soaks it with malathion to kill anything there.
                        Thirty years ago, I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Africa, and saw termite tunnels running up the trunks of living trees. They built the outside of the tunnels. They were surely different species and may not behave the same as termites here, and they may have found plenty of dead wood inside the living trees. I am not now, nor was I then, an entomologist, so what I saw might have been something else.
            Jim Getaz
            Winchester, Virginia