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Light gage steel web stiffener

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I’m looking for the detail requirements of a web stiffener for light gage steel joists at the bearing ends.  My loads are high enough to require stiffeners according to the manufacturer’s literature.  Details I have seen use a piece of stud, same size as the bearing wall below, to stiffener the web.  My question is if there is a standard detail for the connection of the stiffener to the joist to assure is does what it is supposed to do?  I was wondering if 4 screws, 2 top & bottom, of the stiffener to the web (web to web) are sufficient.  Does it matter if the stiffener is on the back side of the web, or inside the flanges?  Also, if I have joists lapped at a bearing wall, back to back, the stiffener needs to be inside the flanges.  Are there any special requirements for putting the stiffener on the inside verses on the back face?