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Re: welding SS to A36

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On Aug 12, 2005, at 8:40 AM, Bill Polhemus wrote:

You may be correct, but I don't recall that "buttering" is required. It
seems to me that we used to just weld direct (e.g. fillet) using the 309
or 310 rod.
I'm sure it's different for fillet welding, but it's important that welders qualify for P-1 to P-8 welding and not just assume that 309 rod handles like E80xx. We buttered to keep from having a chrome-depleted HAZ and avoid corrosion from sensitization. And that was primarily for groove welds if memory serves. We used 309 rod. At one point we ran into some wicked serious HAZ seawater corrosion problems and I think that we started buttering some weld grooves as a response. It was a while back for me too--I think I got that right.

And as far as "knowing what to do," that's no more true of this type of
welding than any other. The reason I "know" this is, I used to do it in
the CBI weld shop! IIRC, it was no different in "style" and practice than
welding SS-to-SS.
Absolutely. I don't know if you were doing ASME Code work, but the Code requires separate qualification for stainless-to-carbon welds, so the differences are important. Not that it can't be done--just that you need recognize the differences that matter. For example differences in thermal expansion may give trouble where dimensional stability is important--true for spent fuel racks, not so important for pressure vessel seam welds. Stainless moves around a lot more than carbon steel.

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