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RE: Al-yoo-minium

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Sent: Friday, August 12, 2005 6:49 AM
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Subject: Re:Al-yoo-minium

> I did some design of Aluminium members about 20 years
> ago.

I just noticed: Is "Aluminium" an alternate spelling (and pronunciation)?
I am aware (from the old "Dr. Who" TV programs, as it happens) that the
Brits pronounce it thus, but I always figured it was just another
delightful Brit affectation (like their incessant trouble with
subject-verb agreement--"The team _are_ in high spirits and eager to begin
the match!")

Nope, it's A-LU-MIN-UM. 

And there is no word spelled shrubbry, exstrordnry, or aboot for that

-Eli G

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