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Re: GEOTECH: Need Advice in re So. Central PA

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> I would say that your experience is not universal.

I didn't say that it was "universal." I maintain that it is predominant,
however, at least here in the southern U.S. where I've done most of my

> SEAMi (Structural
> Engineers Association of Michigan) had the idea of creating a "guide" RFP
> for Geotech service and one of the "major" geotech engineers in the area
> was part of that.

And we had some geotechs working with us at FPA as well. It's just that
"the establishment" didn't like it one bit. They actually sent one of
their "professional association" reps to a meeting to tell us why we were
"wrong" to do what we were doing.

> From my experience, the geotechs in my area will
> provide what you ask for...and if you don't ask for specific stuff, only
> then will you get that report that looks like every other one.

Um, well, that's exactly what I said, isn't it?

I would like to know if there is anything particular to this locale that I
ought to include, aside from stuff I usually ask for, so that I don't get
"a report that looks like every other one."

> And FWIW, that same "major" geotech that worked with SEAMi is a friend,
> who is usually more than glad to give me "ball park" values (no fee
> required)for a site based upon his VAST experience with the region and
> expected soils...

I know some of these folks, too.

I also know some very honest, upstanding citizens who happen to be
attorneys. It doesn't alter my general observation, however, that the
legal profession is nefarious.

> I guess my point is that the geotech that I have dealt with up here don't
> match your experience.

Glad to hear it. But in truth it sounds like our experiences may be more
"alike" than "different."

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