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Re: Al-yoo-minum, Aluminium, Aluminum

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British and American English are now equally familiar
to us Indians who are in the outsourcing business.

We inherited the English language which the British
left behind as a legacy, not knowing that it would
haunt them 50 years later.

Another legacy they left behind is Cricket.
Indians, Pakistanis and the Sri Lankans now play it
better than they do.

While the percentage of the Indian population  who are
proficient in English is barely  2 percent, the best
among us can teach the Englishman a thing or two.

I personally spell  both ways, the British way and the
American way.
I use American spelling and usage in my mails to US
clients and switch back dexterously to the Queen's
English as soon as I am done.

I also use Indian English while communicating with my
fellow countrymen. This is a cute and amusing
variation of the Queen's English, suitably
enriched/spiced/sweetened/corrupted with a liberal
sprinkling of words and expressions which are literal
translations of idiomatic expressions from the 18 rich
and highly developed regional languages of India.

I have an informative list of common variations in
spelling  and usage between British and American
English. This was compiled by an anonymous HRD
executive of an organization catering to overseas
clients. I had shared it with quite a few in the
steel-detail(--nospam--at) list some years ago when
the subject "English, as she is spoke" came up.

I am willing to send it again to any one interested.

(G Vishwanath, Bangalore, India)

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