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Cold formed joist design

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I have a project where there are a few “C” joists being used over some canopies.  There are a couple of locations where the loading is non-uniform.  I don’t have an AISI manual handy and I am trying to check these members using RISA 3D.  There is a design parameter in RISA 3D which is labled “R” which has something to do with (I believe as I read the help section) with whether the top, bottom or both flanges are restrained laterally.  RISA says the factor can range from .4 to .7 and I think it also said that there is a table in the AISI manual regarding this factor.  Can anyone fax me this table or section from the AISI manual?  Also, the section properties and member designations are different between AISI and SSMA.  If I could get someone to fax the explanation for the AISI designations, and possibly a list of member section properties so I can cross check with the SSMA values, I would also be very happy.


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