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Re: Pile supported foundation wall design

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Please see the following papers.

1. "Pile Foundations for Retaining Walls" ASCE Civil Engineering Dec. 1963
2. "Concrete Brief Section,  ACI Journal August 1961
3.  US Steel Highway Handbook, Vol. 2. (Foundation Section)

The above papers willgive you the analysis while the US Steel Highway HB wil  give you analysis and design.



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I am looking for design information for a pile supported retaining wall.  Hugh Brooks (RetainPro) was kind enough to fax me what he had which included a section from Peck, Hanson and Thornburn's Foundation Engineering book (2nd edition - 1973).  While this is good, I would like to know if there is anything more recent out there that I should be looking at.  Thanks in advance.  

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