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Re: Catenary Floors 1920's

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> When new openings are cut in the slabs for new core elements, these wires
> need to be supported so the catenary force isn't lost for adjacent bays.
> Does anyone have any ideas on how to anchor these wires?

I'm not familiar with the strength of "gypsum concrete" in an application
like this, so this is just throwing a comment out there.

Would it not be worthwhile to consider some alternate means of support for
those portions of the floor that are directly affected? That is,
structural strengthening, addition of support members such as floor beams,

I'm a bit leery of these old-fashioned slab systems from that era. They
tended to be rather idiosyncratic; many were "patented" systems of one
engineer or other and their designs presupposed things like "statics
doesn't apply."

I realize that the continuing "stay upness" characteristic of such
structures must be considered, but now we're talking about REMOVING stuff,

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