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RE: 50' oc control joints for SOG ok?

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> 50' control joints seems high to me
> I usually go for square areas between 20' and 25' grids.
> I usually don't count on surface friction.  The subgrade may get covered
> with a vapour barrier to prevent moisture and gas migration or the
> subgrade design is not followed and you have a smoother surface than
> expected.

FWIW, it's been awhile since I've done "subgrade friction" and I don't
have my "books" handy, but I seem to recall that you allow for the vapor
RETARDER (not "barrier") in the coefficient of friction.

Sorry I don't know this stuff off'a the top of my head, but I can only
keep so much "uploaded" at any one time and for the last couple of weeks
I've spent a lot of time "uploading" new guitar music.

(That's another way of sayin' "I ain't Harold Sprague").

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