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Notice that Bro. Caldwell has been elected (or was it re-elected? If this
is non-News, accept my appy-polly-loggies!) to the Board of Directors as
the rep. from the "Technical Region."

I'm not exactly sure where the "technical region" is; it might be in
cyberspace. I might be in the Dallas suburbs. It might be the aggregate of
those cities with NHL franchises.

Anyway: Congratulations, Stan!

How the H--- does a Political Conservative get into a position like that?

I thought you had to swear on a stack of bound ASCE Proceedings that you
would never see a gub'mint dollar that couldn't be spent on "decaying
infrastructure" (along with a bunch of its buddies amounting to AT MINIMUM
10% more than the previous fiscal year...)

(Oh, and does this mean you have to buy a gaudy ring suitable for
kissing--or is that not until you're whatever-the-**** a "Vice-President
Elect" is (or above)?)

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