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RE: Plywood roof to steel angle connection

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From: "Joe Grill" <jgrill(--nospam--at)>
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Subject: RE: Plywood roof to steel angle connection

I'm not sure what to spec with self drilling screws.  I have been through
this problem before, and questioned the list.  Although my question had to
do with attaching a plywood deck to light gage material.  The problem with
not using nailers is that there is no diaphragm values available, at least
that I have found, for plywood screwed to metal supports.  The only thing
that I have found is for pneumatically driven pins.

I know this doesn't help much, but I would guess that your next question may
be when you look for diaphragm values.

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Subject: RE: Plywood roof to steel angle connection

List members:

I am working on a residential remodel consisting of steel angle truss at
eigth feet on centers. The architect does not want any nailers on the
trusses. 2x4 roof joist span parallel to the trusses and supported by 6x3
1/2 x 5/16 double angles spanning between the trusses. The thickness of the
angle is 1/2". The plywood sheathing is 1/2". What kind of self drilling
screws are usually specd out. Self drilling metal screws to connect plywood
to metal usually are for metal thickness upto 20 gage. Is it possilbe to
spec out pre-drilling the angle and then inserting a 8# self drilling
grabber metal screws.


Joe and Gautam,

I have an ICBO report for Buildex screws fastening plywood to metal studs. It is dated February 1, 2003. I am not sure how I acquired it, but I think it was through the LGSEA. Also, the 200 IBC has published shear wall values for plywood screwed to metal studs.

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