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Re: Plywood roof to steel angle connection

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Paul Blomberg wrote:

The hole is not oversized too much and with a flat
head screw, the plywood gets squeezed pretty good. I'm not sure what you mean by a "full diameter shank."

A full diameter shank is one which is equal to the OD of the threads (or, in this case the OD of the wings). It means a tight or interference fit with the plywood. A common full diameter shank is seen on "wood screws", aka "boat screws" and are labeled cut thread wood screws in Appendix A of the NDS (p167 in NDS 2001).

If the wood gets squeezed by the head, you're counting on friction between the head and the wood to resist shear. If the screw is full diameter, you're counting on the bearing of the screw shank against the wood fibers to transfer shear.
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