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Re: OT: ASCE Election

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> I take exception to Bill's characterization of me as a bureaucrat.

Augh! I was afraid of this!

Stan, PLEASE consider the source--ME. You KNOW that I am organically
incapable of being serious for more than about ten minutes at a time. My
"funny" email was meant to be a non-serious jibe at you.

Remember, people like me who deal with our personal insecurities by poking
fun at others, only do this toward people we admire and respect enough to
feel comfortable doing so.

I appreciate your explanation of the nature of your new calling, and I
can't think of anyone more suited to the task. I hope you know that I have
nothing but the highest esteem for you and your accomplishments.

I heartily apologize for ANYTHING that I said that was inappropriate. You
know that I do have some doubts and not a little distrust toward not just
ASCE but many man-made institutions these days whose function is not in
small part political. You also know that I disagree with ASCE's standard
position of "more government largesse." While I try to take a reasonable
view of it, I am looking at the barn burning down while many organizations
stand there contemplating how they can obtain a larger share of the

But I think ASCE is on the right track with such as you describe. I'm a
dues-paying member of long standing, although my participation has been
sparse at best. But I want to retain my right to "gripe" since sometimes
that's all us no-accounts know how to do.

Congratulations, Stan! I hope to communicate with you soon and personally
in this regard, as some personal changes are coming about that might
enable me to do more than sit on the fence and take pot-shots at the
"doers and participators" such as yourself.

Maybe then I will be able to redeem myself for my facetious
comments--comments, I repeat that were NEVER meant to wound, but actually
to extol (albeit in a very strange way...)

Regards, sir.

Bill Polhemus

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