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Uniform loadings on building code.

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Fellow Engineers,

I am designing a floor system for a mechanical room and I was provided with all the size, location, and weight of the mechanical equipements.

Based on the local code, 75 PSF Live load is required for mechanical room.

Does it mean that i need to use 75 PSF LL + my equipment loadings, or am I allowed to reduce the required 75 PSF LL (i.e. to 40 PSF) considering i have designed my floor exactly the way it will be utilized.

The way I understand is that 75 PSF LL is just a design perimeter if the mech. loadings are unknown. The structure will never be fully loaded by 75 PSF or its equivalent concentrated loading during the lifetime. 

Please correct me if i am wrong!

Does anyone know when an engineer is allowed to overwrite the Building code loadings requirements if the loadings stated in the building code has became not practical?

thank you in advance.


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