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RE: CONCRETE: History of ACI 350?

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(Just got back from vacation, so my response has been delayed.) 

I have been on the ACI 350 committee for several years, but I'm afraid
that I don't know its long term history well enough to respond.  

Scott is correct that the first "standard" or "code" issued by the 350
committee was in 2001.  Prior to that the design recommendations were
issued as a design "guide" (e.g., 350R-89).  The 2001 version of ACI 350
was called a "code" but the next version (currently on the ACI website
for public review) will be called a "standard" (per direction by ACI). 

William C. Sherman, PE
(Bill Sherman)
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Bill Sherman might be able to answer much of this as I believe that he
is on ACI 350.  Regardless, I have the questions into my friend at ACI.

ACI 350 did not become a standard (actually an ACI code) until 2001.
Prior to that it was actually just ACI 350R (i.e. it was not a
standard...was a report...i.e. non-mandatory language...last one was I
believe ACI 350R-89 until ACI 350-01 came into being).

I don't believe that ACI Committee 350 did any standards until 2001, at
which time they did ACI 350-01 (Code Requirements for Environmental
Engineering Concrete Structures), ACI 350.3-01 (Seismic Design of
Liquid-Containing Concrete Strucutres) and ACI 350.1-01 (Tightness
Testing of Environmental Engineering Concrete Structures).  I believe
prior to that they had only published "reports" (i.e. documents in
non-mandatory language).


Adrian, MI

On Tue, 9 Aug 2005, Bill Polhemus wrote:

> Has anyone got a handle on the history of ACI Committee 350? When was 
> it formed? When was its first standard (presumed to be ACI 350-xx)
> Thanks.

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