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RE: Pile supported foundation wall design

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Any battered tension pile must include a companion compression reaction pile.


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Subject: RE: Pile supported foundation wall design


I looked into pile supported retaining walls about 6 months ago for a design study and encountered a number of design concerns.  Battered steel piles seem to be recommended to resist the lateral loads - but they cannot be battered much more than 2V:1H, so the lateral loads create a high upward vertical reaction.  I've had difficulty determining how to handle that vertical reaction if it exceeds the vertical dead loads.  And when external lateral loads are absent, the top of the battered pile has a horizontal component (if it  is used to resist vertical dead loads) - where does that horizontal component go? 


I decided that battered piles should be installed in two equal and opposite rows to balance lateral forces under vertical loads.  But I have never fully resolved the problems encountered due to the vertical reaction when external lateral loads are applied.  I'm guessing that a pile analysis program that accounts for lateral soil pressures on the battered piles may be necessary to perform a more accurate analysis.


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Subject: Pile supported foundation wall design



I am looking for design information for a pile supported retaining wall.  Hugh Brooks (RetainPro) was kind enough to fax me what he had which included a section from Peck, Hanson and Thornburn's Foundation Engineering book (2nd edition - 1973).  While this is good, I would like to know if there is anything more recent out there that I should be looking at.  Thanks in advance. 


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