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RE: What is it called?

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> And here:
> We have one of the most famous examples of Cornice work, at 
> the top of the
> Cobb Building in Seattle, WA.
> In fact, most architects have heard of the famous

Nice building.

The corn on cob reference reminds of a photograph in the Chicago daily
newspaper from around 1963. This was of the "Marina City" twin
apartment/condo towers located downtown adjacent to the Chicago River. The
buildings are circular in plan. But rather than a smooth circumference the
towers have semi-circular "nubbins" all around them.

The photographer had placed two freshly boiled corn cobs upright and taken a
picture with the corn in the foreground and the Marina City towers in the
background for a humorous effect.  "city within a city"  wow!

These towers are nearby to the Helmut Jahn-designed State of Illinois
building, known as "Jabba the Hut".

   Tom Barsh, P.E.
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