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RE: Expoxy type grout for anchor bolt

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At one time, I got from the local Hilti rep that the HS2421 epoxy (the only one they sell) can be used for oversize holes and deep embedments.  The gel time is extended versus the other adhesives they offer.  However, it is more difficult to place than the HY150 adhesive (at least that’s what I was told).  But for HY150, I believe that oversize holes aren’t allowed (presumably because it wasn’t tested that way).  I’d call the tech support of whichever supplier is most common in your market.




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Subject: Expoxy type grout for anchor bolt


Is there a product for grouting anchor bolts in large holes?    Typically, from what I’ve seen, most epoxy anchor holes are slightly bigger than the bolt diameter. 


I have a project where the anchor bolts were not installed correctly.  The contractor wants to core 2-3” diameter holes for installing new bolts.  I was wondering if there was a product that would bond to the bolts and a hole that big.  The anchor diameters are ¾” & 1”.