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RE: Expoxy type grout for anchor bolt

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Dayton Superior has a product called "Sure-Grip Epoxy Grout."  Under the "Purposes" it does list "used for anchor bolts, reinforcing bars and dowels."  However, in the literature that I have, there is little information as to this type of application.  It may be worth a call to Dayton Superior (Chemical Division) to do a little research.  As a side note, I am not affiliated, nor have I used or specified this product.  Just something I have come across in the past.
Master Builders used to have a high compressive grout, referred to as "HD-50," however, that was a couple of years ago.  Whether this product is still available, well, that's a good questions.  You could give Master Builders a call at (800)628-9990.  They are now known as Degussa Admixtures, Inc., which is why my current MB catelog is worthless, however, you might be able to pull something from a phone call.  MB used to several grout products, their Embeco and Masterflow grouts, which might be usable for your application, however, I believe both of those products have been discontinued.  Whether they have been replaced by something else, well, again, a phone call might clear that up.
Hope this helps.  Sorry I couldn't be of any more assistance.
Dave Maynard, PE
Gillette, Wyoming
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Subject: Expoxy type grout for anchor bolt

Is there a product for grouting anchor bolts in large holes?    Typically, from what I?ve seen, most epoxy anchor holes are slightly bigger than the bolt diameter. 


I have a project where the anchor bolts were not installed correctly.  The contractor wants to core 2-3? diameter holes for installing new bolts.  I was wondering if there was a product that would bond to the bolts and a hole that big.  The anchor diameters are ¾? & 1?.