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RE: metal roof question

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    Somewhat to my surprise there are some metal roofs with published diaphragm values. Even metal roofs that use clips to hold the roof to the purlins rather than being directly screwed to the purlins. Varco Pruden Buildings has an ICC report on the diaphragm values of such a system at . There may be others as well that is just the first example I found of diaphragm values for a roof attached with "floating" clips. If I were you though, I would want to know from the metal building manufacture that they were relying on the metal roof to act as a diaphragm. Not all of them do.

Wesley C. Werner

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Subject: metal roof question

I was looking at a commercial job and noticed that they were using a standing seam metal roof and no plywood.  The metal was placed over the system of purlins and trusses, and there was no “x” bracing in the plane of the roof.  I am in a high wind area, and wonder how they are doing this in terms of diaphragm forces.  Are there metal roofs that have published diaphragm values?