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RE: HSS moment connections

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Ed –


I always show the 45 deg cuts and full pen welds at an HSS moment connection.  As long as you can count on the full strength of the steel being developed at the weld I don’t think it matters though.  Be sure to use an R factor of 3.5 for “ordinary steel moment frames” with this type of connection.


I am guessing this is for a residential thing?  I don’t know that you would want to use this type of a connection for a large commercial project.


~~ Eli Grassley, PE


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Wednesday, August 24, 2005 10:27 AM
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Subject: HSS moment connections


For a tube to tube moment connection, I’m used to showing the tubes with miter cuts, then calling out full penetration weld all round.


The contractor wants to keep the ends square, butt them, cap the open end, and call it good.  Is that okay?  I suppose if the welds are still accomplished properly it would work.  In fact, the inside corner might be easier this way.


Forgive me, I’m not a detailer and don’t have an HSS connections manual.




Ed Tornberg

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